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About Åkerströms

For more than 100 years, Swedish company Åkerströms has stood for exceptional service and customer care. We develop products and services adapted to meet both current and future needs. We offer our customers control and safety in their workplace thanks to our safe and robust remote control systems. Our aim is to nurture and develop the trust we have built up with our customers over the years.


Innovation and motivation are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create solutions for industrial communication that add value for our customers and we accept every challenge in our pursuit to be the number one expert partner to industry. Within the framework of delivering secure technology, Åkerströms always encourages the development of new and untried ideas. We create new business opportunities by consistently being innovative and continuing to evaluate, develop and if possible rework what we have already produced.


When you hold a transmitter from Åkerströms, you are holding a piece of industrial history. With a century of experience of supplying high quality products, we have learned a thing or too. An Åkerströms product is built to last and withstand stresses so that our customers can do their job without interruption. That’s something we are very proud of.

Sesam robust radio remote control for industrial and mobile applications

Sesam is our robust product family for the radio control of non-safety critical industrial and mobile applications, e.g. opening/closing industrial and garage doors, barriers and gates, switching fans, floodlights and other machinery on/off, winches for ATVs and boats, tail lifts, etc. A flexible and user friendly system with an infinite variety of applications.


Our product family of six transmitters, three receivers and range extender for radio remote control of industrial applications. From small 3-button keyring transmitter up to our large 99 transmitter that controls up to 1,000 receivers. All offer flexibility, reliability, ruggedness and ease-of-use

Sesam 800 Keyring


Our smallest and simplest transmitter with 3 buttons/functions that works well for gates, booms and doors

Sesam 800 Small 3


A small, rugged transmitter with 3 buttons/functions that works well for gates, booms and doors

Sesam 800 Small 6


A small, rugged transmitter that works well for gates, booms and doors

Sesam 800 Medium 6


A rugged transmitter that works well for doors, gates and booms

Sesam 800 Large 15


A rugged transmitter that works well for up to 15 doors, gates or booms

Sesam 800 Large 99


A rugged, advanced transmitter that can control up to 999 doors, gates or booms

SESAM 800 Receivers


940156-000 (230V)/
941244-000 (12-24V AC/DC)

Wall mounted receiver with three function outputs


940224-000 (230V)/
941243-000 (12-24V AC/DC)

Wall mounted receiver with three function outputs, display and keypad


953603-000 (1 relay, wire antenna)/
942216-000 (3 relay, antenna)

DIN receiver with one or three function outputs



Provide up to twice the operating range (depending on placement and surroundings)

SESAM downloads

Åkerströms' offer

We offer our customers safe and sustainable solutions for remote control and digitization of their industrial operations and applications. Solutions that provide control and safety, both now and in the future.

We do this by delivering safe remote control systems for heavy and light lifting, controls for doors, gates and barriers, sludge tankers, roadside assistance vehicles, superstructures and other machinery. We offer complete systems either in combination or for single applications. And of course they are designed for connection to Industry 4.0.

Åkerströms and Tele Radio are subsidiaries of Allgon AB group.

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